Expert Assistance for Maximum ROI Tailored to Business Objectives - In Less Time

Our value in delivering services is driven by our people.
Every one of our consultants is assigned to deliver services within specific solutions based on their unique skills and experience. By allowing individuals to specialize within appropriate solution-sets and interrelated technologies, we build a level of expertise most services organizations simply cannot offer.

You can rely on our Professional Services team and our global network of service delivery partners to work with your team to:

  • Assess your current environment to align your technology and business requirements
  • Build a project plan tailored to your requirments with clearly defined expectations
  • Successfully configure, integrate and deploy the solution for maximum results
  • Provide knowledge transfer and promote user adoption for full value


Our Professional Services team offers best-of-breed solutions and consultants with remarkable expertise to assist you with platform migrations and identity and access management, as well as optimizing, simplifying and extending your infrastructure. Our expert consultants and partners get in and get the job done right, as quickly as possible, to promote user adoption and ensure that you receive the full value of our solutions within your unique environment.

Below is a very high-level overview of the two categories of Implementation Services most commonly requested and what is entailed:


  • お客様の既存の環境のアセスメントを行い、テクノロジーとビジネスそれぞれの要件を調整
  • ニーズを明確にし、それに合ったプロジェクトプランを設計
  • お客様側のチームと協力し、その組織に最適なアーキテクチャを構築
  • 実装の明確なロードマップを作成
  • お客様のチームがアーキテクチャとロードマップを確実に理解し把握できるよう、ナレッジの完全な移行を実行


  • 資格を有し、実践経験を積んだエキスパートによる直接サポート
  • 迅速なタイム・トゥ・バリュー
  • アーキテクチャやロードマップに従って、お客様の環境にソリューションを実装・統合
  • ユーザ普及率の促進に必要なナレッジの移行を行い、生産性と業務効率を向上
If you would like more detailed information around the various services we can provide to meet your particular environment and business requirements, please contact your account manager or contact us directly.  


We offer hands-on training options that facilitate the full use and understanding of our solutions within your environment. Taking advantage of our training courses will increase productivity and operational efficiency while mitigating the risks associated with attrition and turn-over.

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Training courses are available in various formats:

  • Custom Training - if you don't see a formal training course in our catalogs that suits your specific needs, our certified instructors can work with you to create a custom course tailored specifically to your technical environment and training objectives. Contact your account manager or contact us directly to determine if this is the right option for you.
  • 一般向けプレスケジュール・バーチャル・トレーニング - 一番よく利用されている、予定された開講日に沿って行われる個人向けコースです。 This is a cost-effective method for individuals or a small number of users and administrators of a product to enroll for a course. クラスのスケジュールはご要望を検討して決定しております。
  • Private Virtual or Onsite Training - if your organization needs hands-on training for 6-to-8 team members, the Private Virtual or Private Onsite Training option will ensure that the course content and labs are tailored to your environment and training objectives. 
  • Web-based, Self-paced Training - individual students complete these courses through web-based learning sessions that are hosted on our Training Services site. These courses are highly interactive, minimizing lecture and focusing largely on simulations, demonstrations, lab exercises and quizzes so that students learn by "doing" rather than simply listening to a presentation.

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One of our goals within Professional Services is to assist you in achieving as much success with our solutions as possible. This means providing excellent services for more than the standard implementation and training services you expect from a software solution provider.

Our Specialty Services are designed to ensure that we can effectively address customer needs:

  1. Prior to selection/purchase of one or more solutions such as the assessment and planning efforts necessary to select software solutions that best suit the existing technology environment and meet critical business requirements
  2. Post-implementation with initiatives for ongoing improvements in productivity and operational efficiency so that the ROI continues to grow well beyond the initial implementation efforts

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Examples of Specialty Services include:

ビジネス & テクノロジー・プランニング・サービス

  • お客様の環境のアセスメントを行い、ビジネス面とテクノロジー面でその時に解決すべき問題を特定
  • 事業と IT 企業との連携を向上する詳細なアクションプランを作成
  • 実装にともなう利益とリスクの明瞭なアウトラインを提出
  • お客様のご満足と業績を第一に考え、ソリューションをご活用いただけるよう、社内のコミュニケーションと可視化の最適な情報の流れを提案
  • 人材配備やサービス、ソフトウェアの購入に向けたロードマップを作成


  • 新たに人材を雇用することなく IT スタッフの補完が可能
  • 資格を持つ経験豊かなコンサルタントがお客様の成功を全力でサポート


  • 実装後のアセスメントで、進化するお客様側のテクノロジーやビジネス要件に、当初の実装と統合が問題なく対応できているか診断
  • 既存の環境における課題を特定して文書化し、テクノロジーのソリューションに向けて分析
  • 継続的な戦略の拡大をうながすロードマップの基盤を提供

パッケージ済みカスタマイズ・サービス(現在は Foglight のみ)- クエストは、多種多様でそれぞれ複雑な環境に対して Foglight Performance Monitoring 製品の導入・設定を実際に行ってきた経験を活かし、標準化した「Foglight サービスパック」をご用意しました。ソフトウェアとサービスの両方を含むカスタマイズのパッケージが、ご要望の多い改良やベンダーおよびプラットフォームのサポートソリューション、サードパーティとの統合のソリューションなどを迅速かつ効率的に提供します。

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分野別サービスの内容は地域によって異なります。 If you are outside of North America, contact your account manager determine availability in your region.